We’ve been out west participating in the Motherlode 400. The route included three days of some of the best roads in the country. If you have a chance to participate, by all do so. Our little Datsun 510 handled the CA gold-country tarmac quite well, thank you very much. Here’s a teaser picture:

Motherlode 400

Earlier this summer, we had a hiatus while Chip went to California and did the Motherlode 400! Nice work if you can get it, I say. The Datsun performed very well. The car sticks. I found this link of Chip’s car crossing a bridge in CA on Rat_fink’s flickr account. I hope he doesn’t hate me for using it. If he does, you may not see it very long.

So, if you live on the East Coast and are pondering a trip in your 510 to California, have Chip set up your car to make sure it will get there and back.

Datsun 510 VG30 Conversion

It seems to me that the Datsun 510 is gaining popularity among the “old car” crew. It handles well and once you get them straight, they go forever as long as you don’t rust them to death. Chip is looking for a bit more punch from his, so he’s removing the four cylinder and installing a VG30 V6 from a first generation 300ZX. He figures to go from about 95 horsepower to around 160. Since the components are all Nissan, chances are good that the 510’s immune system won’t reject the new mill.



Datsun 510 – Fun Racecar

We’re cautiously optimistic that Chip will make a race in May. Chip changed the ride height and a bunch of other things with terms I didn’t comprehend. I heard the word “geometry”, which sounds right. I subscribe to the premise that a good lap time is all about the hypotenuse. If you have a 510 race car, Chip can work on it. Seriously, he can find x for you. It’s basic geometry.

P1020067 P1020066 P1020065 P1020064 P1020063 P1020062 P1020061


Datsun 510 Reproduction Sheetmetal Body Parts Available!

Datsun 510 trunk drop

Datsun 510 trunk drop

Here at UK, we are fans of the Datsun 510 sedan. Since they are getting on in age, rust-free metal for them can be a challenge to find. Dave Patten at FutoFab has a large number of sheetmetal sections available for the 510. We are using FutoFab metal in one of the 510 restorations we’re doing here at the shop. Check out their website for more information.

Datsun 1600 Repair

This car came in not responding to the accelerator until it felt like it. Turned out to be a valve sticking. There were some other little items that needing tending as well, but the head work was the big item. With the head back and installed, it’s back to its owner.