1969 MGC

The C was a nice car, even if the critics weren’t always kind to it. This one came in with problems typical of 40 year old cars.

The carbs were mounted incorrectly, causing the bowls to be cocked, the plates that act as velocity stacks weren’t present, and the distributor needed attention for starters.

Moreover, some of the bolts holding the window frames to the doors were missing, the exhaust manifold flanges were broken, some wiring needed tending, and there were tired suspension bushings. This one is much improved now.

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Midget Clutch

This Midget needs a clutch and isn’t currently running. We’ll give it the once over and see if we can bring it back to life and return it to the road for more miles. It’s still around after all these years, so we don’t think it’s right to just let it stay idle.




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They Lived Happily Ever After

That’s how stories ended when I was a kid, and it’s the world Uk Motorsports inhabits in my dreams. Dreams that come true make my day.

So, there’s this MGB that shows up sounding like the flu. It impersonated that car the teacher messed up on purpose in High School Shop class so you could practice diagnosing problems. Turns out that its Pertronix Ignitor had broken and was allowed to “wiggle”, for lack of a better term. Result: wildly inconsistent timing. There was a riveted rotor on the scene (more on that here), and the spark plugs weren’t screwed all the way in. Chip replaced the broken Ignitor with points and remedied the other maladies. He got an A for the semester. The customer was happy. And they all lived happily ever after.

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Rubber Bumper MGB Re-Commission


This MGB hasn’t run in years. But, it looks pretty good and we’ll go down the list until it starts. The normal first order of business will be inspection of the fuel lines, tank, pump, carbs and such, and then we’ll do the same for the brakes. If we find anything unusual, we’ll let you know.

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Swell Looking MGB

What happened to the adjective swell? Does anyone say it anymore, or was that just the Beav? This swell looking MGB was in the shop because everything has problems eventually, even the good looking stuff. A new starter was in order. We installed one and it went back to acting just like your run of the mill handsome old faithful British car.


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Rubber Bumper MGB Choke Problem

This MGB came in because it was running, but not well. It had an automatic choke that did not work very well. The owner was agreeable to converting it to a manual choke, which cured the problem.




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MGB – New Floorboards

Chip cutting out floorboards.

A while ago we witnessed Chip snipping and cutting and grinding his way through some swiss-cheese floorboards in this MGB.  They’re welded in and painted now, see below.

Pretty, no?…

… and, non-translucent!

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MGB Floorboard Replacement

Metalwork seems to be the theme these days at the shop.  Chip has been cutting out swiss-cheese floorpans on this MGB in preparation for welding in new ones.  Take a look…

Once the passenger’s side was out…

Soon, we’ll weld the new ones in and get them painted.

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MGB Out the Door

This late model MGB came in for an exhaust leak and minor carb work.  Chip worked on getting a good seal between the downpipe and the catalytic converter.  There is also a rubber doughnut in there that wasn’t sealing all that well, which led to a sound that wasn’t appropriately British.  Chip also installed new throttle shafts in the carbs.  The owner is toying with the idea of a respray, and we hope to see it when it’s complete.

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MGB On Deck

Here’s a MGB that came to us recently.  It’s waiting its turn in the shop for some freshening.  I haven’t spoken to Chip to learn exactly what he’s going to do for it, but I’ll keep up the commentary as it goes along.

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