Customer Comment

Our customers are nice. So nice that we occasionally receive unsolicited appreciative comments. Most of the time they are spoken. This one came in written form. It was so nice, I’m unable to resist putting it on the website and reading it repetitively. Seriously, someone who doesn’t work here and has used our services actually wrote this! Not that I’m surprised, mind you.

“I found UKMotorsports through the Richmond area Triumph Register and have been extremely happy with Chip’s work. My late model TR-6, purchased last year, is in good cosmetic shape but needed quite a bit of mechanical work to improve it’s performance and to stop rattles and leaks. Chip put together a plan and provided me an honest estimate in writing of expected costs. He methodically worked through the repairs and I decided to have additional work done with the discovery of associated issues while components were out and access easy. Along the way Chip provided options and allowed me to decide. Some of the work accomplished included rebuilt carbs and distributor, cooling system upgrades, differential removal for leaks which led to u joints and half shaft rebuilds, partial exhaust replacement, new rear shocks to replace the swing arm units, dashboard lights and gauge replacement, front end tie-rod bushings and new front Toyota disc brakes (rotors and calipers) which are a major improvment over the standard fit.
I live in northern Virgina and found the British auto shops here lacking. UKMotorsports is a breath of fresh air and worth the trip. Chip is reliable, honest and the most knowledgeable British auto specialist I have met. He does great work at a fair price and backs it up. Of note, while returning to northern Virginia, the car began running poorly so Chip drove up two days later to fix it. The issue was not something he had worked on previously but a broken connection in the engine compartment. He did not have to make this house call but he did and it says everything about his character. Bottom line – Chip is top notch!!”