Midget Clutch

This Midget needs a clutch and isn’t currently running. We’ll give it the once over and see if we can bring it back to life and return it to the road for more miles. It’s still around after all these years, so we don’t think it’s right to just let it stay idle.




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She’s Back

This black TR3 has returned, as the owner says it’s not running quite right. The good news is that we can handle that.



We’ll check the usual causes and see if we can resolve what ails her.

TR6 Re-assembly

Well, after some car-related gallivanting around the country (more later), we’ve returned to our primary avocation, i.e. wrenching. This TR6 is in the glorious “put Humpty together again” phase, which always seems to take longer than you thought it would. It’s also the cleanest phase, which is why it’s my favorite. Dean is handling this resurrection. Dean knows his Triumphs, you see.

Clean parts are fun to look at…






Alfa Romeo

So, I’m over at the shop the other day and there’s an Alfa there. I was glad because I have a secret desire that Chip will branch out into the Italian car world. Checking to see why it was here, I learned that the speedometer, odometer, and oil pressure gauge don’t work. I knew right then that this car would get along well here. I’m sure Chip or Dean will have the proper wiring re-connected in a jiffy and this Alfa can get back to hitting the road. Drive those cars, folks. It’s good for them.



Little Green 3

This 3 came in for basic “drive-ability” problems. The famous Schlemmer distributor treatment, among other things, got it pointed in the right direction. It’s almost ready to hit the road. Even years later, they still look good.



I forget that Chip would know what a scan tool is, or that he’s worked on fuel injection, or that he spent years as a regular dealership mechanic. I’m reminded when something like this Audi 80 shows up at the shop and I find out it’s not someone visiting, that’s it’s a car in for service. So, Chip did some steering work and an alignment on this beauty. I double checked to make sure it didn’t have a Triumph six under the hood, but, nope, it’s just a regular old car, good for regular ol’ driving around.