Alfa Romeo

So, I’m over at the shop the other day and there’s an Alfa there. I was glad because I have a secret desire that Chip will branch out into the Italian car world. Checking to see why it was here, I learned that the speedometer, odometer, and oil pressure gauge don’t work. I knew right then that this car would get along well here. I’m sure Chip or Dean will have the proper wiring re-connected in a jiffy and this Alfa can get back to hitting the road. Drive those cars, folks. It’s good for them.



Little Green 3

This 3 came in for basic “drive-ability” problems. The famous Schlemmer distributor treatment, among other things, got it pointed in the right direction. It’s almost ready to hit the road. Even years later, they still look good.



I forget that Chip would know what a scan tool is, or that he’s worked on fuel injection, or that he spent years as a regular dealership mechanic. I’m reminded when something like this Audi 80 shows up at the shop and I find out it’s not someone visiting, that’s it’s a car in for service. So, Chip did some steering work and an alignment on this beauty. I double checked to make sure it didn’t have a Triumph six under the hood, but, nope, it’s just a regular old car, good for regular ol’ driving around.



Evapo-Rust Evaluation

We tried some Evapo-Rust on some Datsun parts that were rusty. Spoiler — we were pleased. If we had known how pleased we would be, we would have photographed the parts before we put them in the Evapo-Rust so we could show you the difference. Surely, this stuff can’t be new. And, surely someone knows how to make this stuff without buying Evapo-Rust. Granted, all of this reveals more about my own personality than anything else, as I get stuck at “There’s nothing new under the sun” too easily. I suppose it means something that even if I could make it myself, I’d still probably just go buy it already done, just like the guy who pays for 50% coolant and 50% water. Should I be ashamed? I’m not sure and there are other things worth thinking about, so let’s not get stuck. Rusty parts you say? Evapo-Rust is worth a shot.