1935 Ford Wiring/Dash/Air Project

Now, for something completely different, we have a 1935 Ford. Dean installed a new harness in this car, removed the dash panel and had metal added to make it long enough in height to conceal the A/C blower box, installed the Vintage air controls and wired those, and installed the Vintage Air components under the hood. If the driver wants to go old school, he can still crank out the windshield to let in fresh air.

The old wiring removed from the car was an amusing lesson. If you wire something together by twisting the wires together and wrapping them in electrical tape, don’t be upset with inconsistent electrical performance. Having said that, we’re glad the twister kept it on the road. Thanks, Mr. Twister!




More Stagrolet


P1020225The wheel cylinders on the rear drums of the Stag were frozen solid, so we removed them (and installed new ones) to facilitate the rear wheels rotating. The three wire alternator only had one wire to it and, therefore, didn’t function. Dean added the two necessary wires and now it works well.

Triumph Stagrolet

This Triumph Stag with a Chevrolet V8 is in for service. It doesn’t run. The fuel pump is one problem, so we’re starting there. We’re also replacing the speedometer cable and checking the alternator because it’s not charging. Once it’s running, we’ll see if anything else is a problem.

The Stagrolet.

The Stagrolet.

What "hybrid" used to mean.

What “hybrid” used to mean.

The American — An Old Corvette

Around here, it’s easy to forget America ever made cars. This old ‘Vette reminds us of the “Good Ol’ Days”, whether they really were or weren’t. Chip is taking all the trim off for the trip to the paint booth. Seems the owner got a little tired of the “Half Paint, Half Primer” look.