MGC Fixes

MGC’s are fun cars with a straight six in place of the B’s four. This one came in for a replacement (correct) tachometer bezel and gaskets for the intake plenum. We also checked on the starter and the gas tank sending unit. We have a soft spot for these C’s, and like to keep them on the road.

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MGB Clunks

This MGB came in for some interior work. While it was here, Chip looked into several clunks that turned out to be bad trans mounts, worn driveshaft joints, and broken leaf springs. The steering rack boots were shot , and it needed new rear wheel brake cylinders. This one will drive much better when it heads out again.

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Mini Service Call

I’m a bit surprised we don’t see more Minis around here. This one came in for some basic service of the oil change variety. There are a treat to have around, and don’t take up much space!


We’ve been out west participating in the Motherlode 400. The route included three days of some of the best roads in the country. If you have a chance to participate, by all do so. Our little Datsun 510 handled the CA gold-country tarmac quite well, thank you very much. Here’s a teaser picture:

1969 MGC

The C was a nice car, even if the critics weren’t always kind to it. This one came in with problems typical of 40 year old cars.

The carbs were mounted incorrectly, causing the bowls to be cocked, the plates that act as velocity stacks weren’t present, and the distributor needed attention for starters.

Moreover, some of the bolts holding the window frames to the doors were missing, the exhaust manifold flanges were broken, some wiring needed tending, and there were tired suspension bushings. This one is much improved now.

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Motherlode 400

Earlier this summer, we had a hiatus while Chip went to California and did the Motherlode 400! Nice work if you can get it, I say. The Datsun performed very well. The car sticks. I found this link of Chip’s car crossing a bridge in CA on Rat_fink’s flickr account. I hope he doesn’t hate me for using it. If he does, you may not see it very long.

So, if you live on the East Coast and are pondering a trip in your 510 to California, have Chip set up your car to make sure it will get there and back.

Range Rover Switcheroo

Having skills give you options, which means you can transfer everything from your first Range Rover to your second Range Rover when you feel like it. Chip feels like it. At Uk Motorsports, we specialize in these types of aggravating problems. It reminds me of the time my cousin got a new BMX bike, but he liked all of the stuff on his old BMX bike, so he moved it all to the new frame. Same idea,but bigger. Bottom line: The green Rover and the brown Rover will be trading a bunch of parts.