XKE Clutch Enhancement

So, a while back, if you recall, we had a little hiccup with the E-type.  The hiccup was that the replacement clutch slave cylinder wasn’t the right size.  When we bled the clutch, the first pedal depression saw the pedal go straight to the floor with no resistance.  Not only that, but the clutch wouldn’t disengage.  You had to literally pump up the clutch.  The reason is that the replacement slave cylinder we ordered did not have the correct size rod extending from it.  That’s right, we needed a longer rod.  Seems that E-type slaves did not remain the same throughout production (big shock, I know).  Chip called some XK specialists and ordered up the correct size.  I snapped a photo of the slave while it was on the lift so you can see the part about which I’m speaking.

With its new (greased) ball joints, original specification jute carpet underlayment, and clutch slave cylinder, this E-type will be blasting out into the wild blue yonder once again.

Jaguar E-type Update

Pictured is a nice, new, black ball joint boot for the Jag.  The bottom one, below, is a white plastic affair.

Inside the car, the owner wanted to replace the original style jute carpet padding with new, so Chip’s been working on that as well.

The above photo was taken at about the halfway mark in the process.  The passenger’s side is done and he’s on to the driver’s side.

While here, we installed the new knockoffs to replace the Octagonal type that were on there:

And, we put in some robust horns:

That wraps it up for now.

E-Type (XKE) Ball Joint Boots

Anyone Seen A Grease Boot Around Here?

Seems my earlier comment about cracked ball joint boots was not factually correct, since they were none on there to be cracked.  The picture above is the lower ball joint on the passenger side.  You may need to click on the photo to get a better view.  There is also an upper ball joint, so there are four on the front end and none of them have boots on them like they’re supposed to.  We got one set of boots but that was all that was in stock, so we’re waiting on the other set.  We’re also trying to trace down a coolant leak.  We’ll keep you posted.

Coming Soon: Jaguar E-Type Repairs

I moseyed into the shop the other day and stumbled upon the “greatest crumpet catcher known to man,” as Henry Manney referred to it.  This e-type is here for a seat repair, some rubber boots on some of the front suspension that are cracked, and perhaps a few other odds and ends.  We’ll let you know as the work progresses.