TR4A Rear Frame Repair

So, after speaking to the 4A owner, we have removed the rear end and driveshaft as the first steps in replacing the rear portion of the frame for this car.  It’s a good time to remind folks of the structural weakness that can lie beneath pretty paint and a great example of problems that come with age.   Work in progress below…

Here, you can’t see the rear end and the driveshaft.  They’ve been removed.  Once the new metal goes in, I’ll try to capture it in photos and share.

TR4A Out Of Storage (cont’d)

Just a few more tidbits on the 4A for those interested.

Here’s a picture of the deteriorated fuel line.  The black rubber line was just installed and is plugged.  Below is another view:

The rear portion of the frame showed some weak points from rust.  Take a look:

The suspension rubber has seen better days also.  All of the hydraulics will be re-done as well.  The driver’s side front suspension is below.

If you know what you’re looking for (or Chip points to it for you), you’ll see that the bushing is split and partly missing.  We’ll tend to the fuel system first and get it running and then work on the hydraulics.